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To do the Company legal & statutory stuff...

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Directors have many responsibilities for ensuring the success of their company and for keeping within the law.

These days directors run the risk of serious penalties for failing to meet their statutory obligations. The penalties for those who breach their responsibility can mean disqualification and personal liability.

Sometimes it is difficult for the best of us to keep up with the ever changing legislative landscape that regulates and defines our businesses.

We run only to stand still. We all know that feeling.

When do we find time to reflect and refocus on what is important when the pressure is on every day to deliver a quality service?  

This is a company service with a difference and on hand only when you need it. It can identify what you need or respond to your requirements.

The Boring Bits

The Companies Act 2006 is old news by now. It received Royal Assent on 8th November 2006. It contains 1,300 sections, 16 schedules, and is over 700 pages long. The index runs to 60 pages.

It is the result of the longest bill ever to pass through parliament.

7 Core duties for directors

There are now 7 or more core duties for directors that are enshrined in legislation.

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